Greyhound sports betting in the UK: What to know

Greyhound sports betting in the UK: What to know

Race tracks are among the most recognized online sports betting by the citizens of the Unites States. Bets are not much different from horse racing and can be placed differently to increase one’s chances of winning.


In common sport bets, one can bet to be the first, second or third position (the dog must end the race in the position you predict and not a different one). You can also bet across where you say that the dog takes one of the top three positions although this one usually has a lower winning multiplier. The third option to bet is the “pool” where you choose two dogs to arrive first despite their order of arrival. There are numerous types of games you can opt to bet on.


Exact sports bets are also available for betting. They involve a single combination of two greyhounds to finish the race in the first and second positions in the exact order in which you choose them. The good thing about the “exact Key” is that you will choose a “key Greyhound” that will finish first then combine one or more greyhounds to finish second. The bet will have no value if the “key greyhound” does not come first.


We also have the exact wheel sports betting which involves choosing several greyhounds to finish first and second with the exact box being the odds between the greyhounds you choose as long as they enter first and second, so there will be a single winning combination. To get more betting options, it is good to bet on betting sites that offer virtuals. As a player, you will have more freedom than in the normal conventional betting.


You may also opt to bet on the “triplets” where you choose three greyhounds to arrive on the first three places in an exact order. When betting one is supposed to choose the “key greyhound” which must arrive first but the others can arrive in any order as the second and third positions. Greyhound racing has many betting options that make it more of a mathematical science in sports betting.


How to bet on Greyhound racing?



If you want to play and win on greyhound racing betting, it is good to understand how to bet well and not just for fun and losing money.  In the UK you can conveniently visit for wonderful betting experiences. All you need is to understand betting tricks so that you don’t blame the defenseless dog. You must be aware of the following:


Climate of the place of the race.

The outside lines: When the weather is rainy, it is more likely that the dog on the outside lines wins the race by running faster than the other dogs.



Starting on a rainy day: when it is raining, greyhounds that have a better start end up winning the race unlike the ones that run behind. The greyhounds that run behind are inconvenienced by the wet track.



During cold weathers: When the temperatures are too low in the racing place, the contrary happens than with the rains. Dogs in the inner lines have a greater advantage than those in the outer lines.



Dog’s age: It is not wise to bet on old dogs since this may end up making you lose money. Even though the dogs may have won traces in the past, it is not advisable to bet on them.  Being a favorite dog is something advantageous but you have to take into account:

The number of greyhound races: if the greyhound already has numerous race track prizes, it means that it is already getting old and you have to look for young hounds to compete against the old greyhound with good statistics.



The specialty of the dog: you need to know all the dogs and know how to bet with each according to the track length. Some dogs perform better at short distances while others are better at long distance races.


Find great odds. The main benefit of betting with bonuses in greyhound racing is that they have big odds. Betting on a winning dog is much more profitable than betting on winning team in a soccer or tennis game. With greyhound racing odds can be as high as 5 or 7… It is important to make a good study of all the factors in the race to achieve success, with the aim of making huge cash with few races and not the vice versa.



The good thing is that we can gamble indoors. We can bet online wherever we are since the virtual greyhound racing available online. To begin with, we must select the best virtual greyhound betting sites. Give it a trial today and enjoy the games. Thank you for reading this article and good luck!



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