In most major US cities, you don’t see a lot of bicyclists. Sure, you see a few, but most Americans are inclined to drive to work, or take the bus. In Seoul, South Korea, there are far more bicyclists. In fact, it’s just as hard to find a place for your bike there as it is to find a parking spot here. Manifesto Architecture has come up with an efficient, environmentally friendly solution: the Vertical Bike Hanger. This hanger attaches to the side of a building, allowing commuters to store their bicycle safely while they go about their business. The more people that ride bikes, the less that drive, and that’s great for the environment. By taking advantage of the unused space between buildings, the hanger manages to be extremely space efficient. Now, if we could just get these here in the US, maybe I could stop counting on that bus that’s always late.

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