Skaters usually get pegged as slackers—you know, lazy kids who don’t work or excel at school. The common perception is that all they do is loiter and rail grind all day and will never amount to anything. But screw those people! Skating takes a lot of physical—oh wait, it’s motorized now? Sweet. It’ll be even easier to skate while baked now. Joking aside, Fiik Skateboards make skateboarding go from a recreational activity to a viable means of transportation thanks to their wireless electronic motors. Fiik boards travel at about 21 mph, with models designed for sidewalks as well as grassy terrain for “off-road” skateboarding. Now maybe skaters will stop hanging around and start going places.

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  1. Fusionskate

    Wicked fun go anywhere boards, These boards are great Australian Designed to OUR Specs here Downunder. Checkout The Website from Fusionskate. The Best Fiik Videos anywhere plus the most informative Fiik Site on the internet with some wicked special deals, free shipping to heaps of places and some great photos getting air with the Street Surfer & Big Daddy – A new sport is born. Rock On Fiik

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