No, this won’t protect your noggin in the event of a motorcycle crash, but it will prevent you from being pegged as regular old biker. Created by artist Masataka Kurashina, the Flame Frame Helmet will turn any ordinary helmet into pure awesomeness. Its cutouts reveal a wicked flame pattern, pretty much making you feel like the biggest badass on the road. Available in black or white and signed by the artist, the helmets can be ordered through the Japan Trend Shop for a mere $890, a small price to pay to bolster one’s level of intense cool.

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  1. Truthiness

    I want to put that thing on my head then run clippers over it, most awesome haircut ever.

  2. Fenriq

    The site says Do not use as a helmet. What should I use it as then? Seems awfully expensive to use as a hat.