Carma Sutra is a handbook detailing (car joke?!) different sex positions you can do in your car. It’s authored by husband and wife team Alex Gaines & Esther Selsdon who are both writers AND car sex enthusiasts. Quite the combo! Hopefully they’re not tryna get it on while the car’s in motion because that sounds dangerous. Also dangerous? Getting a stick shift lodged inside your butt, but that doesn’t seem to stop these crazy kids. The 82-paged Auto-Erotic Handbookbook is going for nearly $60 which seems a little pricey, but if you get off by getting your bang on in a car, then this seems like a solid purchase. What you do behind closed car doors is none of my business. But that’s not gonna stop me from taking a peek, because: windows. Also I’m powerless when it comes to naked butts.

carma-sutra-book-2 carma-sutra-book-3


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  1. Glenn Depuno

    THANKS! now i know! & knowing is half the battle! ah,screw it!

  2. Everything of Cooking

    I wonder how we’ve been still doing without the handbook :)))

  3. paulakey

    How many ‘screwing couples’ can you fit into a Volkswagon Beetle? Fitting people into a Volkswagon was a craze some years ago.
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