When bicycling at night, it’s extremely important to wear bright clothes, and make sure that both your front and back wheel have reflectors on them. Alternately, you could just stick a candle on your bike and call it a day. The above pictured bike has a candle attached to it encased in what appears to be a glass housing to prevent the wind from blowing it out as you zip down the street. The real challenge here is to make it home before the wick burns down to nothing, but that shouldn’t be a problem – if your bike loses a reflector, you’re pretty much limited to replacing it at a bicycle shop. Candles are sold just about everywhere.

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  1. Thumper

    The lamp in question would appear to be one made by the Hermann Riemann company,
    which existed between about 1866 and 1945 in Chemnitz, west of Dresden
    in Germany. It probably dates from around 1900, and is nickel-plated brass. The
    clear front would not have originally been glass, but was made from thin sheets
    of something similar to mica, held in a metal frame. Later these were sometimes replaced with glass – and collectors today may use sheets of clear
    acetate, as the original mica rarely survives. The candles lasted for several
    hours, and were spring-loaded. As the candle burned down, the rest of the candle was steadily
    pushed up the tube below the lamp to replenish the wax. Value today? Between £60
    and £100, depending upon condition. Well, you did ask . . .

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