World’s Smallest Post Office Kit

World’s Smallest Post Office Kit

This is the World’s Smallest Post Office Kit. I decided it also doubles as the World’s Cutest Post Office Kit. It  includes teensy weensy stationary, envelopes, gift boxes, Kraft wrapping paper, newsprint, stamps, stickers, a fine-tipped pen to do your teeny tiny writing and a magnifying glass so you can see what the hell you just wrote. This is great, because watching my Barbie collection try to write me fan mail using regular-sized writing utensils and paper is just depressing. Not because of their atrocious penmanship (although Astronaut Barbie’s scribble-scrabble style of handwriting often leads me to question whether she even passed the second grade). It takes at least three of them to hold the damn pen and you can’t even imagine what a paper cut can do to someone their size. They will bleed out in a second. LITERALLY.


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