Are you one in a million or just another face in a crowd? We all would like to think that we’re unique individual snowflakes, but if you happen to look like any of the faces above then we have some sad news for you: You are completely average. Of course there’s nothing wrong with having an average face—judging from the pictures the average person isn’t half bad looking. All of the faces you see here aren’t actually real people, but rather a computerized composite of the exact average of thousands of faces. Each average face uses photos of people from a specific region of the world, showcasing what the average person looks like from a variety of different nationalities.

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  1. keith

    no asians this is so fake. national geo did one of these and the most common person in the world is a chinese man -___- ethnocentric 2leep….

  2. Maggy

    First, I’ll say- I had nothing to do with putting these photo morphs together. Second, The post says each photo is an average of each region. They simply didn’t do an average for Asians. They did not say they were making an average of the entire world, just several averages of different regions. If the ultimate average was done, yes, it would be very Asian, but that is only because there are so many Asians on the planet. The facial features Asians share are not like those of Europeans. There is not a wildly different range of features, so incorporating a huge number of Asian faces into the mix would not allow for an average between the 2 opposite ends of the spectrum. The feature mix would represent as largely Asian, when this average does not compare to averages of other regions. They were trying to make the point that there is a huge spectrum of features and the average is the mid-point between them. Asian features, are a composition of features from both ends of the spectrum representing together with very little mid-point features. While you can get an average of any amount of photos morphed together, you cannot get a true average of features with the same photos unless the pictures have wildly different features and not features that are all very similar and at one end of the spectrum.

  3. Jenni Chasteen

    If you follow the “check it out” link you can see more faces.

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