Before you get mad, it wasn’t easy to write that headline. Gizmo is really freaking cute, but there’s just something about these giant eyes and little tiny paws that makes me want to gouge my eyes out because I just can’t handle it. These cute little critters are the creation of Moscow-based artist Santani who plans to open an etsy store soon. How soon? Not soon enough! I’m throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the office until I can get my hands on one… or get escorted out of the build—oh, I’m being asked to leave now. Pssht. They’re gonna have to sedate… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz





Check it out

Via: Neatorama


  1. Becca

    I think they are way cutter than mogwais. They’re absolutely adorable. I want one. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting one. The artist is going to be busy trying to keep stock of them.

  2. nb

    Is this real fur?? Then what the fuck.I

  3. Potatoes O'Brien

    I think its faux fur, I went to the etsy store and it said it was “fabric fur” Assuming that means faux fur..

  4. fairymagic

    Love them !faux fur is very realistic these days ! It said fabric fur from what I read..

  5. Organic Ghost

    I put mine in the wash and now it has grown a whole bunch of them! They keep asking for food really late at night though

  6. Caylee Smith

    Just don’t feed them after midnight.

  7. Taranula

    What are they called?

  8. Savannah L.

    how much are they? Where can I get One And what are they Called???!!!! Please some one respond!! my E-Mail is or just respond to me on here..

  9. Savannah L.

    nvr mind I found them.. Just being an idiot and not reading the full title lol

  10. Kelsey Laymon

    What are these thing called?

  11. Kelsey Laymon

    I really really really really really want one!!!!!

  12. David Hand Jr

    OK I really want one of these guys!!! please contact me

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