Crying is part of life. You’re born crying and, if you do it right, you die crying. “OMG I shouldn’t have eaten that rat poison but I thought it was a chocolate chip, waaahhh!” Yeah. And you cry a bunch in between: when you’re happy, sad, mad, in pain, and when you pour yourself a big bowl of cereal only to find the milk carton is empty. Just like your life. Oh god I’m so alone! Photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher brings us Topography of Tears, a series of microscopic photos of dried, human tears. She collected over 100 samples from herself and others, experiencing a vast array of emotions: grief, joy, laughter, etc. but no word if the cereal-milk tears were captured. Still, the result is really intriguing. Just look at them! That one up there looks like a map of a small town. Which, hey wait a second — I think I spot my house! Man, who knew tears could be so cool? I mean, unless they’re mine. If they’re mine then it’s not cool at all. Just real pitiful. Don’t look at me!







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