Rings Inspired By Disney Princesses

Rings Inspired By Disney Princesses

Gemvara is selling these Disney Princess-inspired rings designed by Tumblr-er Heck Yeah Disney Merch. Each piece of finger jewelry reflects a different princess and has a quote engraved on the inside. Admittedly I’m surprised Ariel’s is just a regular-ass ring. Shouldn’t it be made out of some kinda wacky gadget or gizmo like a racecar or a donut? That girl is all kinds of crazy! Using a fork to comb her hair, I mean, who does she think she is? Amanda Bynes? Jk jk, Ariel’s practically sane compared to that nutjob. But Cinderella? Oh Cinderella will give her a run for all her crazy money. Girl be cruising in a damn pumpkin for crazy’s sakes! Doesn’t get much crazier than that.

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Via: designtaxi.com

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14 thoughts on “Rings Inspired By Disney Princesses

  1. meow

    Gemvara is actually not selling these rings. They were made by a tumblr site heckyeahdisneymerch.tumblr.com just out of creativity.

  2. Brittany High Post author

    Hi Meow! While these aren’t officially licensed, they are inspired by the Disney princesses. You can purchase the rings over at Gemvara. Thanks for the heads up about the designer, the article has been updated with that information!

  3. AimeeLovely

    Just sent this link to my boy friend saying ‘coughcoughhinthintwinkwink’.

  4. Carole Godfrey

    alyce latoilet wears the snow white ring going to her wedding she is maid of honour

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