Cute & Whimsical Food Art Puts Your Bag Lunch To Shame

Cute & Whimsical Food Art Puts Your Bag Lunch To Shame

Hong Kong-based cook SimC puts together cute, vegetarian food art. Here are some pictures of what she’s done so far. You might recognize some of her subjects — there’s Totoro, Pikachu, Nemo, Hello Kitty, and more! How can you possibly eat something so carefully and intricately crafted? PLOT TWIST: You can’t. At least not before I can. I’m faster and hungrier than you!

simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-2 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-3 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-4 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-5 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-6 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-7 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-8 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-9 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-10 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-11 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-12 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-13 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-14 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-15 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-16 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-17 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-18 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-19 simsim-cooking-vegetarian-food-art-20

Thanks to Muga for sending in the tip (and subsequently jump-starting my appetite for lunch).

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