Now You Can Anonymously Send A Dick In A Box

Now You Can Anonymously Send A Dick In A Box

Give A Dick In A Box is a company who will anonymously ship a dick in a box to you or someone of your choosing. Not a real dick, of course. That is probably illegal. This is a 6-inch rainbow lollipop. The company was kind enough to send us a sample and wow wow wow. There are no words. Only a giant rainbow dick in a box. I took a picture of it next to my adorable dog for scale (see below) and immediately regretted it because who have I become?

Do you want to send a dick in a box? Head on over to their website HERE, fork over $19 and they’ll ship it out today. It even comes with a certification that verifies that you have, indeed, received a dick in a box. If, you know, the big rainbow dick in the box you just opened didn’t give it away.








Thanks to the folks at Give A Dick In A Box for sending over the tip and for sending us a dick in the box it was a real life changing experience mostly because I will never be able to look at a lollipop the same way ever again.


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