WTF: Real Life Barbie Girl

WTF: Real Life Barbie Girl

Just last week we saw Hayden Wood’s interpretation of what Barbie would like like in real life. But that was with photoshop and eye trickery. Plus magic! I assume Ukranian Valeria Lukyanova saw this and was all “Oh hell naw — I can do better than that!” Then she ran out and got a bunch of surgeries to look juuuust like Barbie. And she does. It’s scary. The doll you always dreamed of hanging with IRL is here, in the flesh, and it just doesn’t seem right. I mean, even ACTUAL Barbie thinks this is too superficial!

Check it out


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  • Snackqueen

    Is this real? Her skin totally throws me off. Even if she did have surgery to make herself look like the real life unproportioned freak that is Barbie, her skin looks photoshopped and the contacts she is wearing don’t help. WOW. I call FAKE….on ALL fronts.

  • she’s photoshoped
    she look different in real life

  • Psh

    The real Barbie smiles.

  • It might not be everyones taste but I think she looks pretty! That doesn’t mean however I want to personally look like that. Theres just far to many plain Jane’s out there in the world so this is far more unique! Anyone who gives this poor girl hell are only doing so as they have personal anxieties about their own appearance.

  • fuzyy

    she is the most freaky girl ive seen in my whole life SHIT!

  • She is a freaking rerated. Is what I think. She took out ribs to be a fucking Barbie. She must of been on crack when she did this. Damn. First she’ll be easier to be killed by someone with two ribs taken off.

  • Genesis

    She’s real, she got tons of surgeries to look like that. Nothing on her is photoshopped.
    She’s completely real, for the most part. Lol

    In the world there are 3 girls including her that have done this to their bodies in order to look like Barbie.

  • Shay
  • Guy

    Nobody notice in the last picture of that person with a noodle coming out of their ass?

  • Rubab

    It is real luv u real life barbie

  • James Skinner

    hay juust want to look like a women for the rest of my life go by the name heather

  • isabella jones

    He is so not hot if that is what u were saying bitch¹111111

  • isabella jones

    Man barbey

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