Women Take Back Halloween

Women Take Back Halloween

It’s almost Halloween and no costume idea has been left un-sexyed. There’s sexy Sesame Street characters and even sexy pizza. (As if pizza needed to be any more sexy!) There’s nothing wrong with dressing sexy, but it’s kind of a bummer when pretty much all of the costume options are sexy. That’s why the site Take Back Halloween offers some alternate costume ideas. Founded by feminist writer and historian Suzanne Scoggins, the site focuses on costume ideas inspired by interesting women in history. All of the costume ideas include ready made items you can buy to piece together a really cool costume. Some of the female figures you’ll find on the site include Artemis, Diana Ross, Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, and a lot of really cool women you may have never heard of. They also have a great section on last minute costume ideas just in case you’re second guessing the sexy nun costume.




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  • Becky

    yes i do, they are ridiculous. i mean there is nothing wrong with sexy costumes, but why is that the only options out there? and what is always expected. It’s especially crazy for young girls. We should not be making 5yr old girls look sexy.

  • The_Strawbear

    “It’s almost Halloween and no costume idea has been left un-sexyed.”

    They’re not compulsory you know.

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