The Women Of NASA LEGO Set & More Incredible Links

The Women Of NASA LEGO Set & More Incredible Links

The Women of NASA LEGO set will soon be a reality. Finally! [Geekologie]

Speaking of “Finally!” someone’s selling an Emergency Sock. You know, for when you are missing a sock and you need a sock really really bad. [Pee-wee’s Blog]

A collection of photos of puppies in the passenger seat. Cue: all the squeeing. [Buzzfeed]

This is a video of Jaden Smith delivering mind-blowing facts and now I’m confused. What exactly did I just watch and, more importantly, why? [Nylon]

One designer created a jacket that doubles as a tent meant to provide shelter to refugees in crisis. [Laughing Squid]

Science says this is how to dance sexy, ladies. Take note, I guess? Or, you know, dance however makes you happy. [PopSci]

Pictures of young Justin Trudeau. Yow yow! [Daily Mail]

Get paid to travel and drink beer… YES, really. [Thrillist]

Apparently we’re all probably wearing the wrong shoe size. Life is hard. [Insider]

A Jimmy Buffet-inspired retirement community called Margaritaville is coming to Florida. So there’s that! [Curbed]

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