What Happens When You Let the Internet Name Your Baby Girl?

What Happens When You Let the Internet Name Your Baby Girl?

Remember the couple that named their baby Dovahkiin in order to win a lifetime of Bethesda games? You may have thought they were crazy but at least they got something out of is (aside from an adorable baby with a dope name). But this guy Stephen is having a baby (well his wife, actually) and he decided to let the internet name her… and he’s not getting video games or anything for it.

So far some of the top names include:
Cthulhu All-Spark
Megatron Rose
Charlotte Of-The-Sea
Olivia Doge
Sophia Le-Dash-a
StreetLamp Wait-for-it

Good job internet! Those are all great names! Of course Stephen isn’t a complete crazy person—he says he reserves the right to make the final decision and will not be naming his daughter something like “WackyTaco692.” Vote for your favorite name at NameMyDaughter.com.

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Via: Technabob

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  • sage rene or sophia rene

    Sage rene or sophia rene

  • Jess

    You know there were some Whovians helping make that list when the names Amelia and Pond show up. I’m surprised there’s no River Song. 🙂

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