Vampire Hedgehog & More Incredible Links

Vampire Hedgehog & More Incredible Links

Vampire hedgehog! So cuuuute. [Bored Panda]

Breakfast cereals ranked. But where are the Fruity Pebbles? And Cap’n Crunch? Waffle Crisp? C’mon, the list is incomplete! [Kotaku]

This rabbit has a better wardrobe than you. [Pleated-Jeans]

90’s teens photographed in their rooms. Soooo 90’s. [Vice]

A video showing the world’s first ever indoor mall. Soooo 50’s. [Jezebel]

An alien facehugger ski mask and chestburster sweater. Try saying that three times fast! But don’t hurt yourself in the process. [Geekologie]

The science of baking: an infographic! [Berries]

Unflattering cat selfies is hilarious. [Tumblr]

How to make your own GIANT Sour Patch Watermelon. [Foodbeast]

Japan is super into these stockings with toe nails painted on them because I don’t know anymore, you guys. [Refinery29]

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