The Sexiest Garlic Press Commercial Ever

This is an ad for a garlic press sold by Savora. It’s preeetty sexy. Probably NSFW. Jk jk, it’s just a super sensous garlic press, there’s no nudity. Unless… unless your company has a strict no-garlic pr0n policy, in which case, what the hell kind of job is that? And is there really such a thing as garlic pr0n? Oh, of course there is, this is the internet. The commercial features some sultry jams that’d put anyone in the mood for some hot, sweaty garlic pressing. Personally, I wasn’t so much turned on as I was confused. Sexually confused that is! I mean, who knew a kitchen gadget could be so incredibly erotic? Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go call my therapist. I need an adult!



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  • Ina says I only need good knife skills. Ina is wrong.

  • Val!

    Well garlic *is* an aphrodisiac!

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