Straw Dinosaurs & More Incredible Links

Straw Dinosaurs & More Incredible Links

RAWR! Jk, don’t be scared, just some straw dinosaurs is all. [Earth Porm]

There’s a new line of Harry Potter lipsticks. [Cosmopolitan]

A couple rode unicorn jet skis to their wedding reception. [Buzzfeed]

This flowchart helps you pick what to watch on family movie night. [Personal Creations]

If you like pickles, you’ll love this list. If you don’t like pickles, WHO ARE YOU? [Buzzfeed]

The newest words to be added to the Oxford English Dictionary includ Redditor and butt dialing. This is who we are as a society in 2015, okay? [ABC News]

Nick Offerman does a delightful AMA. [Reddit]

Why we always want to push the big red button. [Gizmodo]

Get your baby panda fix here. You can thank me later. [Bored Panda]

Hayao Miyazaki to open a nature sanctuary in Japan. [Dazed Digital]

The $4k Millennium Falcon bed of your dreams! [TIME]

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