Here's A Super Sad ET Donut & More Incredible Links

Here's A Super Sad ET Donut & More Incredible Links

Sad ET donut is making me sad. And hungry, for that matter. [Reddit]

Animals get hilarious new names and they make 100% more sense. [SBSG]

Speaking of animals, this wild giraffe has survived years with a janky neck. [Geekologie]

Continuing on the topic of animals, meet Monkey the vampire kitty! [Bored Panda]

We’re on a roll with animals, so let’s just keep it going with it: the internet can’t figure out if this a cat or a dog. [Neatorama]

Okay that’s enough animal links for today! (Jk, never enough animal links!) Here’s what happens when all 31 of People’s sexiest men alive are combined. [Jezebel]

Retail employees looking to make it through the most terrifying shopping day of the year might want to invest in this Black Friday Survival Kit. [Bizdaq]

Harry Potter fans rejoice! A Fantastic Beasts clothing line is here. [Pop Sugar]

Sesame Street gets a visit from ‘Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen’ guy. [Mashable]

Watch this man eat a 3 pound gummy bear in less than 8 minutes. Or don’t! I’m not the boss of you. [Metro]

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