SAD: Buy A Fake Facebook Girlfriend

SAD: Buy A Fake Facebook Girlfriend

Because nothing is worse than being alone, you can hire a faux Facebook girlfriend through website Namoro Fake. For just $40 per week, a fake profile will accept your “In a relationship with” status and leave you 10 comments. Ten comments? Yeesh, that is one needy fake girlfriend! Sure you’ll technically still be alone, but at least your friends will think you have a lady friend. And for that one week, they won’t think you’re so pathetic! Until they find out. Which they totally will. And oh boy, when they do! They are never gonna let you live it down. But don’t worry, you don’t need those jerks anyway — there’s a service out there for fake Facebook friends! I, uh… that’s what I heard anyway. From a friend. Because I totally have those in real life. Promise!


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