RAINBOW GRILLED CHEESE & More Incredible Links

RAINBOW GRILLED CHEESE & More Incredible Links

Rainbow grilled cheese. Repeat: RAINBOW GRILLED CHEESE. [Instagram]

MightyTV is like Tinder for Netflix. If that makes any sense… [Wired]

A giant alligator eating a smaller alligator. [Digg]

E.T. BBQ is exactly what it sounds like so only click if you want to see E.T. BBQ. [Foodiggity]

Man steals hot dog, man gets scalding water poured on him. Does that seem, uh… a little extreme to anyone else or is that just me? [Foodbeast]

24 grown-ass men who must be stopped. Not to be confused with grown ass-men. That’s completely different. [Buzzfeed]

This test measures your need for drama. How high is your need for drama, you guys? Mine is SO CRAZY HIGH OMG PLS PAY ATTENTION TO ME. [NY Mag]

People who accidentally resemble fictional characters. [Pleated-Jeans]

Regular people food vs. hipster food. Sure, why not? [Buzzfeed]

How long to nap for the biggest brain benefits. So wait, are 10 hour naps are not beneficial for you? I’m confused. [SS&M]

FYI you can cook popcorn with a hair straightener, you know, in case you were wondering. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ [The Awesomer]

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