Places With Sad Names & More Incredible Links

Places With Sad Names & More Incredible Links

I did not know there are some many places with sad names, but now I do and now I’m depressed. [Pleated-Jeans]

The one thing you have to do in every country according to tourists. [Voucher Cloud]

An Office Space mobile game is coming soon. [A List Daily]

Watch this guy do a bunch of Slinky tricks. Yes, Slinky tricks is a thing. [The Awesomer]

Brad’s wife worked at Cracker Barrel for 11 years. Then, she was fired on his birthday and the internet is not having it. #Justice4BradsWife [Bored Panda]

22 photos of animals napping with their humans. [Huffington Post]

New York’s conceptual U-shaped building will be the world’s longest building, if they make it. If they don’t make it then IDK why we’re even talking about it. [CNN]

The largest dinosaur footprint has been found. Check it out! [Gizmodo]

In Japan, most schools don’t have janitors… the kids clean! [NPR]

Kind of embarrassed at how hard I gasped when I read the news that Cash Cab is coming back. [E!]

Kind of embarrassed at how hard I cried when I read that Cash Me Outside girl is getting her own reality TV show. [TMZ]

Elon Musk wants to connect your human brain to a computer. Sure, why not? Nothing could possibly go wrong! [Business Insider]

This article about the blackest black paint is making my brain hurt. Someone explain this to me in dum dum terms? [Science Alert]

Butt glitter is the latest Instagram trend. Now that’s something I can understand. [Allure]

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