Painfully Cute Panda Sushi & More Incredible Links

Painfully Cute Panda Sushi & More Incredible Links

Panda sushi is almost too cute to eat. Almost. [Pinterest]

See this cat’s hilarious reaction to realizing he’s been neutered. [I Heart Cats]

If Tim Burton did Frozen it would probably look a lot like this. [Lost At E Minor]

Now hear Chris Farley as Shrek and think of things that might have been. [Nerdist]

A man calls the police because his cat ate his bacon… [UPROXX]

These Adventure Time tattoos are totally mathematical! [Buzzfeed]

A teenaged Chris Pratt painted a mural at a Greek restaurant and it is really something. I’m not saying it’s good, I’m just saying it’s something. [Digg]

If you aren’t familiar with 8-bit Philosophy, check it out! [Youtube]

This Nutella donut milkshake is a thing of beauty. [7Deadly]

Gordon Ramsey’s ridiculous insults as greeting card messages. [Foodiggity]

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