Panda Macarons & More Incredible Links

Panda Macarons & More Incredible Links

Panda macarons are so cute, I want to break everything. [Foodiggity]

Space is feeling super EXTRA extra this Friday — she’s rocking an eclipse, a comet, and a full moon. [USA Today]

And here’s how to watch it. [Gizmodo]

These hilariously bad pictures serve as a reminder to check the background before posting that selfie. [Bored Panda]

And these hilarious bad pictures serve as a reminder that babies can be nasty. [SBSG]

Kiss is selling officially licensed air guitar strings. So there’s that. [Geekologie]

A villain who unintentionally does helpful things is my new unintentional hero. [Youtube]

Here’s a Star Wars version of the Friends opening song. Because Star Wars EVERYTHING.[Laughing Squid]

28 people who didn’t have a prom date. [Pleated- Jeans]

Starting Sunday, Prince’s music will be on Spotify. Weeeeeeee! [Ars]

Behold! The most terrifying amusement park ride ever. Weeeee? [The Awesomer]

Watch complete strangers re-create the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene. Or don’t! I honestly DGAF! [Geeks Are Sexy]

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