Oreo Beer Is A Thing That Exists & More Incredible Links

Oreo Beer Is A Thing That Exists & More Incredible Links

Two words: Oreo Beer. Two more words: gimme! (Am I doing it right?) [Foodiggity]

Astronaut Leland Melvin sneaked his dog into his official NASA photo and it’s pretty much the most delightful thing ever. [Gizmodo]

Stop me if you heard this one — a moose breaks into a family’s basement and poops everywhere. Jk that isn’t a joke, it happened IRL. [Mashable]

A Saudi prince bought a plane ticket for each and every one of his 80 falcons. Does anyone else feel extra poor rn or is that just me? [Pee-wee’s Log]

Here’s 1,000+ musicians playing “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” [Hypebeast]

Proof that cats are equal parts adorable and evil. [Buzzfeed]

The grossest food from each state. Hey! You leave bierocks out of this, okay?! [Thrillist]

A woman got a snake stuck in her ear. So there’s that. [Geekologie]

There’s a McDonald’s museum, apparently. [LA Mag]

UPS drivers don’t turn left. Here’s why! [IFL Science]

These shitty life tips are not useful, but they are hilarious. [Bored Panda]

Watching people try to convince themselves to jump off a 10 meter high diving board is kinda anxiety-inducing. [Digg]

A new study says reading books can extend your life. [Lost at E Minor]

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