Meet Optimistic Possum & More Incredible Links

Meet Optimistic Possum & More Incredible Links

Optimistic Possum is the internet’s new favorite animal celeb. [Bored Panda]

Let’s never speak of this again, how bow dah? [Buzzfeed]

Check out these creepy AF photos of an abandoned Westworld-like amusement park in Japan. [Geekologie]

Here’s what it’s like to be a professional pickle tester. [Vice]

Photos of animals taken before and after growing up together is SUH CUTE. [Bright Side]

Watch as a young dude gets made over as an 80 year old man and goes out into the world for a day. [Buzzfeed]

A serial killer inspired jacket. Um… cool? Jk I’m scared. [So Bad So Good]

Apparently there used to be wolf-sized otters back in the day. Back in the day” being “six million years ago.” [Gizmodo]

The Museum of Bad Art is a place that exists IRL. [The Creators Project]

The new Bad Lip Reading of Trump’s Inauguration is pretty fantastic. [The Poke]

Here are some feel-good memes to brighten your day! [The Chive]

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