25 Unbelievably Messy Kids & More Incredible Links

25 Unbelievably Messy Kids & More Incredible Links

25 photos of messy kids may or may yes give you anxiety. [Pleated-Jeans]

This quartz nail art should not give you anxiety. Then again, when it comes to anxiety, you can never be too sure. [Bored Panda]

Now you can buy ceramic Guardians of the Galaxy tiki mugs. [Laughing Squid]

The most retweeted Tweet according to the Guinness World Records is about Wendy’s chicken nuggets. So, there’s that. [NPR]

One college is offering a Dolly Parton course. Sign me up! [NYT]

Someone called the police on their neighbor because they thought they stole their pizza, but it turns out that the neighbor also ordered pizza. [Geekologie]

This video shows the evolution of Douchebag Style. You know, in case you’re into that sort of thing??? Idk. [The Awesomer]

Here’s a couple who got married on Mount Everest! [Today]

A guy left a pineapple in an art exhibit as a prank and then came back to find it was put in a glass case. This is why the aliens won’t talk to us. [Mashable]

Speaking of aliens, NASA just released some gorgeous photos of Jupiter. [IFL Science]

David Bowie at his most 80’s is so 80’s it out 80’s-ed the 80’s. I didn’t think that was even possible! [Hint]

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