This Is Hipster Snake & More Incredible Links

This Is Hipster Snake & More Incredible Links

Meet Hipster Snake, a snake born with sunglasses and a mustache! [Geekologie]

One man spent 9 million dollars on a license plate. Feeling v poor rn. [CNN]

And this lady had her 20 boyfriends each buy her an iPhone then she sold them to buy a house. Now I am feeling v poor and v lonely. [Complex]

A bike lock that sprays stuff that will make bike thieves puke. Cool! [IFL Science]

There was a fire during a surgery and a fart is to blame. But who dealt it? [Gizmodo]

Here’s what happens to you when you die. Weeeee! [Jezebel]

21 misspelled tattoos. Brb cringing rly hard rn. [Pleated-Jeans]

While we’re in the middle of cringing harder than ever before, why not check out the most useless things ever made? [Sad and Useless]

Two grannies arguing in a car is going viral so I guess go ahead and watch it or you’re gonna be left in the dust!!! [Tastefully Offensive]

Food and candies arranged by color is aesthetically pleasing AF. [Foodiggity]

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