A Mario Themed Bar Just Opened Up & More Incredible Links

A Mario Themed Bar Just Opened Up & More Incredible Links

The Cherry Blossom Pub is a Mario themed bar that just opened up in DC. Check it out already! [Bored Panda]

All the spiders could eat all the humans on the planet in just one year. So good luck sleeping tonight or ever again! [Washington Post]

A snake slithers into a village looking for water, so they gave him a water bottle and he drank from it. Snakes! They’re just like us. Except infinitely more terrifying. [Geekologie]

Famous actors who have played cats. You learn something new every day! [CatCon Blog]

Someone put a giant marshmallow gummy bear in a vacuum chamber. The result will probably make you feel bad for said gummy bear even though gummy bears don’t have feelings THAT WE KNOW OF. [Foodiggity]

What would Snapchat be like in the 90s? Probably something like this. [Pleated-Jeans]

This supercut of 40 of the funniest movies will make you laugh. [Tastefully Offensive]

Livin’ On A Prayer on the sax is really something. Something you should watch. [Youtube]

A giant pillow fight will take place in Los Angeles this weekend. Will I attend? I’m not particularly with large crowds of people hitting each other in the face with pillows so probably not. [Time Out]

Watch this guy try to reel in a 552-pound fish. [Digg]

A baby had a Taco Bell photo shoot. *Shrugs so hard my arms fall off* [Buzzfeed]

Meet the guy who won 15,000 toys from claw machines last year. [Great Big Story]

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