Man Scores Job With Candy Bar Résumé

Man Scores Job With Candy Bar Résumé

Redditor Elilanger’s friend Nick was looking for a job. So he did what anyone else would do in his situation: browsed for jobs online for about 4 minutes before he got distracted by gifs of grampas falling down created a Résumé Bar. All his deets are included on what looks like a typical nutrition label for a candy bar. The best part? There’s a Crunch bar inside. Sure, it should have been a Snickers, but you know what? He still got the job! Congratulations Nick, I’m proud of you. The kind of pride a mother must feel the day her little girl finally grows up and marries a grody old dude for his fortune. Ooh! And there’s even a chocolate fountain at the reception. Love them ritzy-ass chocolate fountains. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah — that’s how proud of you I am right now.


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  • Ryan Lantrip

    This should be titled “I read Reddit yesterday”. Nice work Tool.

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