A Man Named Darth Vader IRL & More Incredible Links

A Man Named Darth Vader IRL & More Incredible Links

Read the story of a man named Darth Vader. Fun fact: he doesn’t really care for Star Wars! He prefers the Alien franchise. [CNN]

Here’s LEGO Austin Powers and Doctor Evil. What, no minifig Mini Me? [Laughing Squid]

This has got to stop!!!!!!! Neiman Marcus is selling pre-destroyed high top sneakers for $1,425. [Geekologie]

Watch and laugh as a judge and some lawyers stoically listen to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” in court. Because evidence. [Digg]

Someone is selling Gummy Trumps. That is all. [Kickstarter]

The evolution of Chris Pratt. From “Daaawww!” to “Yow yow!” [Tastefully Offensive]

According to a study, beer can be a better pain reliever than Tylenol. I am inclined believe that! [Lifehacker]

And according to a different study, eating boogers can be good for your health. Regardless of whether or not I am inclined to believe that, I’ll pass, thanks. [Telegraph]

An interview with the wonderful Kyle MacLachlan because Agent Cooper is finally returning to the small screen. [NYT]

10+ baby hippos for your viewing pleasure. BRB screaming forever! [Bored Panda]

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