The World's Longest Cheeto & More Incredible Links

The World's Longest Cheeto & More Incredible Links

The longest Cheeto ever was found! Annnnd then eaten. RIP longest Cheeto. You will be missed. [Foodbeast]

Here’s what happens when a snake tries to eat a porcupine. Don’t do it! You’ve officially been warned, snakes! [Geekologie]

Plants know when they’re being eaten so now we have to feel bad about that too. [Uproxx]

A book about Santa’s husband is coming out. I didn’t even know he had a husband, TBH! I wonder what Mrs. Claus will think. [Time]

This list of the best 90s teen movies will make you all kinds of nostalgic. [Buzzfeed]

Krispy Kreme and Ghirardelli teamed up to make some seriously fancy donuts. [Glamour]

Darth Vader’s got jokes. Not good ones, mind you, but he’s got em. [Pleated-Jeans]

Someone made a supercut of Ben Stiller getting angry. This is that. [TO]

A new study says taking a hot bath burns as many calories as taking a 30 minute walk. Well, I’m not gonna argue with that! [T&L]

And here’s a tortoise playing fetch because it’s cute. [Digg]

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