LEGO Food & More Incredible Links

LEGO Food & More Incredible Links

LEGO food that looks good enough to eat. [Thrillist]

These dogs need to recalibrate in a bad way. [Pleated-Jeans]

How to make fast food into a waffle. Mind Blown. [Foodbeast]

Buy an engagement ring, get an XBox One FREE! [Jezebel]

Worst Nightmare x Big Ole Bag O’ Nope [Death and Taxes]

We need a palate cleanser, STAT! How about this Totoro Ballgown? [Fashionably Geek]

I’ve never wanted anything so bad in my life. [Laughing Squid]

Creepy abandoned theme park is creepy! [Buzzfeed]

Cat Heaven on Earth. [Geekologie]

FYI: Dinosaur Pet Guide  [Design Taxi]

Vanilla Ice in mac & cheese commercial about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 🙁 [Youtube]

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