The Colonel's KFC Romance Novel & More Incredible Links

The Colonel's KFC Romance Novel & More Incredible Links

Tender Wings of Desire is a KFC romance novel that actually exists. [Amazon]

Soon you’ll able to marathon Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on Twitch. [The Verge]

Someone put spaghetti in a meatball. I would eat the hell out of that. [The Awesomer]

Take a glimpse inside a kitten nursery at Best Friends Animal Society. Well, that was so cute I thought I was gonna pass out. [Timeout]

Here’s Neil Degrasse Tyson eating super hot hot wings while answering questions about the universe. [Foodiggity]

Ben & Jerry’s is rolling out a Bob Marley inspired ice cream. It’s got little chocolate peace signs and everything! [Thrillist]

Look at this huge yellow jacket nest and try not to scream. [Digg]

Now you can get coffee infused bagels from Einstein Bros… [Nerdist]

And lightsaber churros from Disneyland! [Popsugar]

While we’re on the subject of coffee and Disney: you have got to see this Disney latte art. It is insanely impressive. [Foodbeast]

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