KA-BOOM: Awesome Explosion Photography

KA-BOOM: Awesome Explosion Photography

In the spirit of the Fourth of July, I bring you photographer Alan Sailer’s series that I like to call “Blowin’ Shit Up!” Since Alan didn’t bother to come up with an official name I took the liberty (Land of the Freeeee! Hiyo — Independence Day tie-in!) to give it one. Anyway, he claims to be some weirdo photog who hangs out in his garage shooting all kinds of stuff and capturing the explosion on camera at the time of impact. Hot damn, all you gotta do is throw some domestic brewskies in the mix and that sounds like that most patriotic party I ever heard of!

Check it out

Via: enpundit.com

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  • Valentina Isabel

    OMG….. Just awesome….. amazing….!!! It’s just BEAUTIFUL>> im gonna try this at home

  • Bianca Raphaelaa


  • Shariahnadeem

    This Is Art. I Love It. I Mean, Look At The Sausages. Just Pretty. <3

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