Incredible Pinterest Boards: Food Art

Incredible Pinterest Boards: Food Art

Food takes the cake as one of the most popular categories on Pinterest. You can’t log in without getting bombarded with photos of recipes, snacks, and sweets. But if you’re looking for something more exciting than recipes for gluten-free banana bread then check out these food art boards.

As fans of weird food and things that look like other things, we’re in love with the Food that looks like stuff Pinterest board. It’s full of great stuff like hot dogs that look like octopuses, wafers shaped like the Eiffel tower, and Bert and Ernie fruit.

For those of us who are domestically challenged, baking a cake is hard enough, but decorating it? Forget it. That’s why the stuff featured in this Art of Cake board is so impressive.

Cake isn’t the only food that gets to be art. This Food Art Pinterest board features artwork and sculptures made from all kinds of foods, including vegetables, fruit, eggs, and even pancakes.

When it comes to food, presentation counts. If you want to learn how to serve more impressive meals, check out this Food Fun Sculpture board.

If you’re a fan of food art, but would rather look at something a little healthier than cake, check out this Pinterest board all about Fruit Carving.

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