The Most Basic Spice Girl & More Incredible Links

The Most Basic Spice Girl & More Incredible Links

Pumpkin Spice: every white chick’s favorite Spice Girl. [Pleated-Jeans]

Gerard Depardieu drinks 14 bottles of wine a day. Pshhh, that’s nothing! [Film Drunk]

Penis-shaped gummies spark a recall. I will gladly take them off your hands. [FoodBeast]

Meet the weirdos brave folks who volunteered to go to Mars for forever. [How2BeCool]

BlackMilk’s Pulp Horror Halloween collection is here. OMG, scary unitards! [BlackMilk]

20 Halloween costumes that will destroy your childhood. Wheeee! Jk, 🙁 [Buzzfeed]

School lunches from around the world. Hey, where’s all the Mystery Meat? [Viral Nova]

Newborn Grampa. Some things can’t be unseen. This is one of them. [CubicleBot]

A cat cafe is coming to Los Angeles? BRB, readying my Cat Lady Gear. [LA Weekly]

Passenger Shaming. Related: I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. [Jezebel]

Krispy Kreme is selling Ghostbusters donuts. Thanks, KK! You make it all better. [Variety]


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