If You Do This Fake Spider Prank You Deserve To Get Punched

Magician and horrible person who doesn’t respect people’s healthy fear of spiders enough Rahat Hussein pranks a bunch of people by putting a fake spider on their hand. He preys on their kindness by asking them for help while he’s struggling with a stack of books and a spider tank. Then these nice folks come over and try to help him and what does he do? He instills in them a fear of helping others ever again because helping someone might mean you end up with a spiders all over you. (For the record I don’t actually think Rahat is a horrible person, but I DO have a rule about punching people who scare me with spiders. That rule is ALWAYS punch people who scare me with spiders.)

If you want to see how this trick was done, check out this explanation from PrankPit:

Via: Laughing Squid

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