If Harry Potter Had Instagram

If Harry Potter Had Instagram

Have you ever wondered to yourself “What if Harry Potter had Instagram?” Congratulations! You’ve got way too much free time on your hands. Don’t worry, I do too. I just spend it thinking of a lot more monotonous stuff like “Why toenails?” This is what Jen Lewis over at Buzzfeed imagines Harry Potter’s Instagram looks like. So it’s not neccessarily what it would be like, it’s just her personal opinion and probably has a lot to do with what pictures and gifs she could find that had that, how do you say? Je ne sais Instagram. The only ‘gram in the series I could’ve done without is that one of Malfoy. TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT. Duder does NOT know how to take a selfie. You gotta be like, an arm’s length away from your face, bro — I can see your nose hairs!








Via: Buzzfeed

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  • Adam Buchko

    Holy fuck balls this made me laugh so hard!

  • shelliei16

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  • Aniaa

    haha nice 😉

  • Dobre 😀

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