Human Centipede Gingerbread Man & More Incredible Links

Human Centipede Gingerbread Man & More Incredible Links

A Human Centipede gingerbread man. That is all. [Creepbay]

One dude built a giant cardboard dragon castle for his cat. It is epic AF. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Another dude sharpened a dollar store knife into a super legit knife. [Digital Trends]

A little boy put carrots all over his kitchen and his reaction is pretty damn cute. [Buzzfeed]

This beaver was photographed checking out fake Christmas trees at a store in Maryland. Why? To build a fake dam??? IDK TBH. [Geekologie]

Google put together this map of each state’s most misspelled word. [Laughing Squid]

Epic Meal Time made a 100 lb Big Mac. For reference, that’s a big burger. [Foodiggity]

22 hilariously wrong game show answers. [Pleated-Jeans]

You’ve got to see these super creative Christmas hairstyles. [Bored Panda]

Behold, the creepiest Santas EVER and never sleep again. [Seventeen]

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