Hipster Nativity Scene & More Incredible Links

Hipster Nativity Scene & More Incredible Links

The end is nigh as evidenced by this hipster nativity scene. [Dangerous Minds]

More evidence that the end is nigh: Christmas themed condoms! [Funny Condoms]

The Sriracha car is a thing that exists IRL but it does NOT run on Sriracha as I had previously assumed. [Foodiggity]

Chef Boyardee vs lava! Who will win? Obviously lava, you guys. Lava always wins. Everybody knows that. [That’s Nerdalicious]

A rescue goat feels safe in his goat costume so I’m dying of cute rn send help. [The Dodo]

This bike helmet is made out of paper and it just won a Dyson award. Congratulations paper bicycle helmet! [BBC]

Help NASA solve its poop problems and win $30,000! [Popular Science]

The Cookie Monster trap remix you didn’t know you needed (because you probably do not actually need it). [Laughing Squid]

A giant 1-foot diameter sushi. Because actually I don’t know why. [Geekologie]

16 photos that will SUPPOSEDLY, ALLEGEDLY make you feel happy. [Buzzfeed]

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