Hey Girl Turns Every Website Into a Ryan Gosling Site

Hey Girl Turns Every Website Into a Ryan Gosling Site

Hey girl, are there too many depressing images and pictures of babies on your internets? It’s okay, Ryan’s here to help. The Hey Girl Chrome extension makes every picture on the internet a lot sexier… unless you were already looking at pictures of Ryan Gosling—then their sexiness level remains the same. The app was created by web developer and internet heroine Katherine Champagne during her studies at Dev Bootcamp Chicago. Early stages of the idea involved Channing Tatum, but she eventually switched to Ryan Gosling, which is obviously the right answer. Channing fans get mad all you want but it’s simple math. Ryan Gosling has about 82,500,000 results when you Google him while Channing Tatum has about 40,300,000 results. Plus like, just look at them.

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Via: Mashable

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  • Neel Agarwal

    Facebook. Before I would have to look at my friend’s ugly photos. But now I can turn everything into Gosling!

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