Hello Kitty + KISS + Toilet Paper = LOLWUT

Hello Kitty + KISS + Toilet Paper = LOLWUT

Sanrio, the company behind everyone’s favorite cat without a mouth, has combined forces with KISS, the original juggalo rock band, to make — toilet paper? It’s true. Ya know, maybe I’m still recovering from the bender I went on this weekend (jk, still goin’ strong — glug glug glug!), but I can’t seem to wrap my mind around all of this. OR maybe I’m not the crazy one (highly unlikely), and this is actually the weirdest f***ing mash-up the world has ever seen. Regardless, it’s the cutest, most absurd thing you could possibly wipe with. And that’s really saying something. One time I was forced to use a chipmunk. What? I was stranded in the wilderness and I was NOT gonna risk wiping with poison ivy again!

Via: stuff.icanhascheezburger.com

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