The Happy Gecko And His Gecko Toy & More Incredible Links

The Happy Gecko And His Gecko Toy & More Incredible Links

Meet that Happy Gecko and his toy. Okay, all together now: daaawwww! [Mashable]

How do we feel about rompers for men… Yea or nay? [Kickstarter]

These seat savers are a pretty genius idea IMHO. [The Mary Sue]

Watch this voice actor do impressions of what Game of Thrones dating profiles might be like. [Tastefully Offensive]

A kid shoots his mom with a Nerf gun dart and she catches it in her mouth with the gum that she’s chewing. This is a CUH-RAZY time we are living in! [Geekologie]

More evidence we are living in CUH-RAZY times: one lady stole $15,000 worth of Girl Scout Cookies. She is currently on the run. [TDB]

Check out this 10,000 Starburst wrapper dress. [Bored Panda]

Chicago is getting the world’s first Nutella cafe. BRB, booking a one-way ticket to Chi Town. [Travel Pulse]

Chanel is selling luxury tennis balls for $450. 🙁 [Luxury Launches]

The Chinese government released this music video to get citizens stoked on their new “belt and road” initiative and it’s actually p. catchy. [Digg]

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