A DIY Giant Chicken McNugget & More Incredible Links

A DIY Giant Chicken McNugget & More Incredible Links

I’ve three words for you: GIANT CHICKEN McNUGGET. [That’s Nerdalicious]

A Bob’s Burgers pop-up has um, popped up in Los Angeles. Alriiiight! [Eater]

And in London, a robot blowjob cafe has opened up. Alriiiiight? [Inverse]

32 weird things everybody does. This is relatable. [Pleated-Jeans]

Cue all the nightmares, ever: a cobra snake was found in the plumbing system in this apartment building. [Nerdist]

Penis eye makeup is the latest and greatest new makeup “trend” and hopefully it will never go away. [Buzzfeed]

If you know an adult who’s been naughty (me, for example), have Santa send them an explicit letter. [OTNL]

Here’s a video of Matt Stonie eating 17 McDonalds hash browns in just 1 minute. TBH I think I can do more but also TBH I am probably wrong. [Fox Sports]

Every country’s tourism slogan. My favorite: Iceland Inspired by Iceland. [Boing Boing]

Look at the faceprint a woman left on the headrest after an accident. Don’t worry, she is okay so we can oogle this faceprint all we want! [Geekologie]

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