The Family is an ongoing photoseries by Zed Nelson. It’s been in process since the summer of 1991 when Zed photographed a friend and his pregnant wife. The couple has remained the subjects of the series along with their growing baby boy. Zed’s taken each subsequent photo on the same day every year. He’s even kept the backdrop and lighting in order to focus on the everchanging family. While the most obvious change is that the baby turned into a grown-ass man, there are more nuanced developments. Like, I dunno, sometimes they wear shoes, other times they don’t. The dad starts wearing glasses about 10 years in. The mom grows out and then cuts her hair like every other year. And OMG in one photo the kid is wearing a Limp Bizkit t-shirt and his mom’s face is totally screaming “BAHAHA! Limp Bizkit! Oh man, that’s rich. Thank god we got photographic evidence!” Lots of real deep nuances like that. You just gotta pay attention.


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  1. Moon

    It’s really cool to see the evolution over time. One thing I noticed is not really a happy thing. It seems that as the years go on, mom keeps some physical distance between her and her son, and the son seems to be in closer proximity to dad. At one point – the start of this transition, she is very noticeably leaned away from the other two.

    One might say this is a coincidence, but seeing this trend across the years seems more telling than happenstance.

  2. Gabs

    I like the mum’s oufits in most of the pics