Someone Got A Dick Wolf Tattoo & More Incredible Links

Someone Got A Dick Wolf Tattoo & More Incredible Links

This Dick Wolf tattoo is reallllly something. [Jezebel]

There’s a sushi place that delivers food to your table via mini bullet train. [Foodbeast]

Rick and Morty Monopoly exists now for whatever reason. No offense Rick and Morty, but yes offense to Monopoly. It brings out the worst in me. [Geekologie]

Babushka dogs. I love the internet. [Sad and Useless]

Cadbury Creme Eggs on pizza is BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!! [Foodiggity]

Don’t worry — these amazing cat photobombs will make it all better. [Bored Panda]

Quantum mechanics explained in 4 minutes. Am I smart now? [Tastefully Offensive]

Ahem! A calendar of hairy men dressed like fairies. [GH]

Korea’s hangover soup claims to ease your booze-induce pain. [Youtube]

Would you eat a baby Groot sculpture made out of chocolate? Hypothetically speaking of course, no one is asking you to eat one IRL. [Geeks Are Sexy]

It was only a matter of time until someone made The Big Pug Theory. And that time in now, apparently. [Huffington Post]

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