Cats Posing As Pinups & More Incredible Links

Cats Posing As Pinups & More Incredible Links

Cats posing like pin-ups is really something to behold. [Pleated-Jeans]

And so is a tree stump grinder pulverizing a stump. [Digg]

Apparently, Taco Bell is one of America’s healthiest fast food chain now. [Business Insider]

Speaking of super healthy Taco Bell, they’re currently testing Volcano Crispy Chicken Chips that you dip in a sauce like a nacho. [Brand Eating]

And while we’re still on the subject of fast food, Americans eat 554 million Jack in the Box tacos a year. That’s a lot of tacos, for reference. [WSJ]

There’s a new tallest dog in town world and his name is Freddy. [Laughing Squid]

A great-granny has been praying to a Lord of the Rings figure for years because she mistook it for Saint Anthony. Hey! It could happen to anyone. [Geekologie]

One pet spa offers exorcisms for your cat or dog. Please put me in a cannon and blast me into the sun? [Trend Hunter]

Here’s the fanciest coffee maker IN THE WORLD! [Luxury Launches]

This not-blurry ham is our first optical illusion of 2017. It broke my brain. 🙁 [Thrillist]

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